Our Practice Areas

Immigration Law


Our attorneys are experienced in an array of complex immigration law matters. They can assist in guiding you through the complexities of business and family based immigration matters. 


They have worked with clients from all over the global community and pride themselves on understanding the needs and desires of different cultures. 


The attorneys will work with you on understanding the law, keeping you apprised of the status of our case, and helping ease your frustration with the mounting complexities of immigration law.The attorneys at Dail Slentz provide an honest approach in a field often plagued with fraud.


Our office is fluent in English, Spanish, Punjabi, and Armenian. 


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Whether it is child suppot or spousal support, be sure to discuss with our attorneys what your rights are. 


It is important to remember that once a divorce is complete or custody established, support issues remain. 


Our attorneys are familiar with all support issues and are comfortable working with related agencies, such as DCSS. 

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Our attorneys are experienced in the entire divorce process. They are prepared to explain how to get the divorce process started, what it entails, and the realistic outcomes that a client can expect.


Our attorneys understand the sensitive nature of dissolution and are willing and able to work through the process at your pace. We also tailor our services to fit our individual client needs, be it paperwork only, collaborative representation, or Court only representation to keep costs reasonable and additional stress to a minimum. 


Whether you and your ex have already come to an agreement, need help reaching a compromise, or are barely speaking, our attorneys are ready to handle any divorce.


Child Custody


When a family is dividing, one of the most difficult issues is child custody. Our attorneys can explain to you California's laws regarding custody, and each county's local court practices. We will strive to help you achieve a living situation that best shelters your children from the upheaval that can result when their parents are separating. 


For help with your child custody case, contact one of our experienced Modesto family law attorneys.

Social Security Disability

Dealing with federal Social Security Law is incrediblity difficult when your physical and/or mental health is plagued with daily difficulties. 


We are here to navigate the process with you and explain why the process can be so difficult. We pride ourselves in simplifying the difficulties in navigating this type of law. 


Our attorneys are highly sympathetic to the needs of our clients and spend a great deal of time listening to our client. We want to make sure that all of your issues are documented thoroughly and best-reflect your current situation. 

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